July 14, 2013


Friday is a relax day. We did some shopping in the morning and then go to IBM office in the afternoon for closing.

The farewell dinner was hosted in the evening at the most famous and must go restaurant called 'Carnivore'. The restaurant serves different kinds of meat include some exotic meat. This night, they served Crocodile and Ostrich meat ball. Of course I tasted them. The crocodile meat taste like chicken and Ostrich meat taste like beef. Good try! We all have great time and took a lot of pictures.

After all the fun and joy, it was the time to say good-bye to Mildred, Muriuki, Eunice & Steve at DOT and some CSC members.

Time fly really fast! The four weeks assignment in Kenya ends with joy, happiness and satisfaction. Recall four weeks ago, we were curious, struggling, uncertainty and feel lots of challenges. And now, all works have done. CSC is really a great experience.

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  1. Friday was NOT a relaxing day for some of us (Team MOH aka the "best" team). While our teammates shopped, our team presented our key findings and recommendations to the Ministry of Health.