July 31, 2013

Top heartstopping moments from Kenya!

 I know the blog is almost done with, however, still decided to put down my most heartstopping moments in Kenya, in no particular order

Walking into the lion's den

The magnificent Masai Mara

Walking the earth's crust 4.5 million yrs old

A lion and a wilderbeest in the same shot , the hunter and the hunted

and more to come.....

A few km away from a dormant volcano, 400 m below Kibo (Summit of Mt Kilimanjaro)

Watching the wilderbeest decide to cross

Listening to the silence as the wind whistles in the Magnificent Masai Mara

Standing on the edge of the 50000 yr old Rift Valley

Hearing an African elephant breathe at close quarters

Watching a cheetah decide to hunt an impala

Zebra crossing at close quarters

Birds of all variety.....at their elegant best....

The marvellous African flora and fauna....

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