July 02, 2013

An Energetic difference

The word HIV itself has different connotations and different meanings to various people. It brings in different perceptions into people's minds and also is a key cornerstone in a worldwide campaign.
Here, tucked away in Karen, a quaint suburb of Nairobi, not far away from Countryside Inn, is a dedicated team working quietly away in an attempt to bring a meaningful difference.

A home is probably the most important element in our lives, and it evokes wonderful memories of warmth, care, laughter and loads of fun amongst all other things. It is something to cherish, where is one is totally oneself!

HIV+ children are often abandoned by their parents or families for various reasons known and unknown making them orphans for life. Some of them as young as from the day they are born! It is in this area of making a difference that Nyumbani (means home in Swahili) was founded in 1992 by the late Fr. D'Agostino.  A Jesuit priest and doctor created Kenya's first and largest facility caring for HIV+ orphans.
Late Fr. D'Agostino
CSC Kenya7 was there at the orphanage in it's full element. The team pulled out all stops, with everyone getting all kinds of goodies from chocolates, candies, crayons, notepads from across the world.  Win Ma went one step further and spent a few hours designing beautiful balloons with a very vivid imagination.
Balloons by Win

She also created a Swan in a matter of a few min. This was handcrafted and designed right in front our very eyes.

The Swan is an interesting metaphor, and it was very apt, as it stands for Love and Grace, as well as Excellence and Expertise.

Something, which fits Nyumbani entirely.
Win is all "ears" for her SWAN!!!! :)
The Masterpiece itself!

Olivia keeps a sharp eye as the children show their fav subject, Mathematics skills....

 As the team was shown around by Sister Teresa, Mary and Olivia decided to enterain the children esp lil Moses (all of 2 yrs), Julius (all of 2.5 yrs) who refused to leave their side.
Anne, Victor, Daisy and the rest who were from grade (class) 2 to grade (class 7) regaled everyone with the one thing they enjoy most... singing!!!
Mary with lil Moses (right) and Julius (left) who were high fiving with her all throughout!!!

 Of course, they were totally entertained by wild animals, incl the elephant in the picture below.....
An Indian Elephant at work in Africa!!!

Overall, the energy at Nyumbani is to be experienced, led by a dynamic group of sisters, ( some of them were from India, Kerala to be more specific!!)
CSC Kenya 7 with Sister Teresa @ Nyumbani
It was a heart warming experience, and one was impressed with the sheer dedication and change that this institution was bringing a meaningful difference!

Kudos to them for their outstanding work and also thank you to IBM CSC for this wonderful opportunity!!

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  1. Great efforts to Vinayak & the CSC Kenya Team..at the same time that Nyumbani is taking care of these beautiful children. There should be some way we can educate the parents or people in general about HIV+.. I am sure efforts are underway but probably it still makes me feel that we need a lot of hardwork on that end..:(